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June 26, 2013


Lots of developments since my last post - I've actually been on a freelance roll and am getting quite a bit of work in... so much so that I bit the bullet and had a chat with my managers at work; I think they're going to kindly let me lower my hours, eventually leading to me leaving the job near the end of this year. It was such a relief to say something, as well as being completely exciting and scary! Cue thinking, 'What the hell am I gonna do for money?!' - but after talking with family and friends and mulling/stressing about it for months, I just think I need to give freelance work the best chance I can, which just isn't possible while juggling with a forty-hour a week job.

I'll have quality time to work on my illustration/design stuff, so that will hopefully end up being what I do full time! Argh.

Speaking of illustration work I have lots of new bits up on my website and facebook at the moment; some fashion blog branding, an e-book cover and an illustrated map. I also got the lovely news today that my vintage Asos Marketplace shop application was successful - it might actually be really easy to get one... haha. But I'm still pleased as punch! I've been buying in stock over the past few months and weeks, and last week I had the 'test' photoshoot in my garden. I found two lovely models Cat & Issey through advertising online and they came down to have a few pics taken (shot by my friend Craig)

I'm SO pleased with the photos, I think the girls look amazing! They were so good in front of the camera (not like goofy me) and were exactly what I had in mind. So at the moment I'm planning for the next shoot and designing the shop logo - it's amazing to be working on something of my own :) I love customising clothes and styling, so this is a perfect excuse for me to do that way more!

Sneak peek!

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