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July 30, 2013


Almost August, where have the days gone…?!

I've been working away like crazy this month, saving up everything I can for Laaandan... I finished a commission last week which I'm so pleased with – it was a collaboration with In a Nutshell Studio (The lovely Marichiel) she creates 'Sketchnotes' for clients and brands in order to sum up their business with a visual diagram. We've been in contact for a while now (she's from sunny CA – not jealous at all, haha) working on a few bits, and this one has turned out amazingly – the client loved it so much we are now designing all her social media banners too!

It was such a fun project to work on and something quite different to my usual style. Although I always have some hand drawn element in everything I do; the text was pencil/ink scanned in although all the illustrations are created in Illustrator. Marichiel is amazing and comes up with the layout, flow of the illustrations and all the type – I think we make a great team!

And tomorrow I have a super exciting meeting with someone from Cosmopolitan!! Won't reveal all but I'm going to be creating something for their Cosmo on Campus magazine…. I have a nice flow of illustration work going on at the moment and am trying very hard to keep momentum going – it's actually so difficult juggling everything with my day job (…but not for much longer!) Plans are slowly coming together, fingers crossed.

I had a busy weekend in London actually, assisting on a music video for singer Charlie Green – he was so lovely, as was our little filming crew! (You might recognise him from Britains Got Talent a few years back) Having lots of tourists staring at you because you're with a cameraman is pretty funny…!

Ooh, and I'm planning something exciting for my Asos shop, CIKY later today – keep an eye on Twitter for all the deets ;)

July 18, 2013


I'm headed back home to the Midlands again this weekend for my moms and sisters birthday (the big 30!)  I have so much illustration work to do plus a job application so am going to try and squeeze it in between bbq's and screaming two-year-olds…

My printed cards from Moo arrived earlier this week, very pleased with them! They're going to be exclusively for sale in Peek Boutique's next pop-up shop, along with a few framed prints.

I've also treated myself to a few goodies this week…oops.
These will be my last indulgences for a while, as I'm in save save save mode now! But I've done a lot of freelance work over the past few months so thought I'd reward myself :)

I've had my eye on this necklace from Datter Industries for aaaages – I finally purchased it and am so looking forward to getting it! All the jewellery is hand casted and is super lovely, full of little hands and arrows and cats. I used to wear a silver locket all the time which I cleverly went and lost, so this will be a suitably cute replacement.

I've also been eyeing up these sheer panel socks from Asos for a while – I couldn't decide on black or white so bought both! Going to wear them with my platform black Vans I think…

Oh and my latest illustrations for Zooey Magazine are up on my website – I'm going to be doing some more work for them very soon in an illustration feature!

July 15, 2013


My ASOS Marketplace Boutique is now open for business!

July 13, 2013


Back in Cambridge now and back to work!
It is SO hot today, I'm sitting in my cool room wondering when to brave the heat and what I will actually wear to avoid boiling alive...

Here is some recent work I did for Where The Styled Things Are, a fashion blog based in Perth. This is something a bit different from my usual work; it's all hand drawn with barely any editing, then coloured in digitally on Photoshop - I'm normally into quite 'flat' colour without shading but I thought I'd do something new for this. I'm really pleased with the result actually, and Adelle over at the blog loved it which was great!

I'm trying to get as much freelance work as I can at the moment, ready for my move to the big smoke...

... In other news, I'll shortly be opening my Asos Marketplace shop!

The clothes are all photographed and I've designed the shop logo (still deciding if I like it!) so once the shop is up I'm going to start a facebook and blog for it too. Excited :D

July 9, 2013


I've done some illustrated type for Zooey Magazine's new website; here is the first 'Oh, Summer!' in colour, black & white and then as it was used for the header.

I'm still at home (West Midlands) at the moment, enjoying a comfy bed and not having to get up for work...


July 1, 2013


I got the Cream Ho! branding printed a couple of weeks ago - excuse the quick photos (being held down with baking items, haha) I was really pleased with how the vinyls came out, I haven't seen them on the ice cream bike yet but will try and get hold of a photo! 

Go like the business on Facebook :)

Also I finished a long overdue birthday present for my friend Henry - I got this Iceland map printed on vinyl and stuck it to a magnetic message board. I then made some little illustrations into magnets by mounting the vinyl onto grey board pieces.

It's a pretty silly present really, it just shows the road trip we took through Iceland and the magnets are just things we saw/liked; one being the most amazing yoghurt on earth, Skyr.