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June 9, 2013


Here is my latest completed commission, a two-sided flyer for the Magpies & I...

They took a little longer than I anticipated, but pretty pleased with the result - and the client likes them which is what matters most I guess!

I'm working on lots of other lovely stuff this week, so hoping to be able to post more work up here and update my site. I'm off to Sheffield on Saturday for the first meeting about my big job, looking forward to meeting the client as she seems lovely :)

Aside from work I had a lovely weekend and some friends cooked a roast today which was amazing, filled me right up! Also watched a bit of Family Fortunes on Challenge, everyone seemed to have a perm and wear pastel... Ha, the best (worst) answer was from a woman who said 'The lamps' when asked 'Name something people take from hotels as a souvenir'. Errr, yeah. 

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