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August 23, 2012


Just had a lovely evening out in Linton (a village outside Cambridge) with a few friends, I planned on drawing but when there's not another friend there who also draws I get really self-concious! (plus I was too busy eating and drinking shandies haha)

But aside from that, I worked up one of my illustrations from the pub garden on Sunday

And also here is a sneak peek of my work-in progress for the latest Tigerprint competition, 'Tell a Story'. It's my first vector based illustration but I think it suits the children's theme quite well, as is a good practice projet for me using Illustrator,

August 20, 2012


Some drawings from Sunday in the sunny Empress pub garden.

August 16, 2012


Just saw this on Vogue.com, Lana Del Rey as the new face of H&M. I do really like her music and her as a person actually; I drew an illustration of her a while back - I know she's quite manufactured, a product of a record company with a fake name (and lips!) but she's kind of turned herself into a character which is really interesting.

Some of my favourites from the campaign: 

I've also been obsessed with a band I saw at my friend's pub gig on Sunday, 'Gunning for Tamar' - this one being my favourite on-repeat song at the moment.

August 15, 2012


More sketchbook drawings from Sunday... we went to my friend Ben's alldayer-pub-gig-charity event in Ipswich, 'twas lovely.

These are pretty bad actually - and I seem to have made someone look like Stevie Wonder in the second spread, but hey ho.

August 11, 2012


The moleskine came out on a pub trip a few days ago.
I think I made the guy in the bottom left look a little BFG... oops.

August 2, 2012