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June 15, 2013


Currently on the train back from my illustration job meeting in Sheffield, it went so well! The clients are absolutely lovely and we were chatting for over two hours. I probably shouldn't go into too much detail but it's a long job (completion around April 2014) and is very unusual to say the least...

I'm really excited about it and it's amazing to have the full support of the clients, they kept saying 'It's nice to have a proper illustrator on this job' - And I was just thinking I wish I was a 'proper' illustrator... haha.

It's making me even more determined to leave my 'real' job and just go it alone :) This commission wouldn't even pay for my car each month, let alone rent - but it would be great to have a few regular jobs and maybe just a little part time job to make up the rest. I just need to make that leap I think - I've been umming and ahhing for months about what to do and every one of my friends seems to have a different opinion on it. I guess it can only be up to me!

Here are some quick snaps of Sheffield - I've never been before so it was nice to have a wander round after my meeting.

Documentary festival

 The Winter garden

 Water features near the station

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