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April 25, 2012


Just a quickie, got tweeted a picture of some printed up flyers I designed for Vintage Brighton - commissioned by the lovely Jo-Ann! (founder)

I felt so sick and headacey today at work... think it might have been the weather and low pressure?!

Going to throw my clothes off the bed and back onto the floor (my 'tidying') and read some more; am currently around halfway through 'An End to Running' by Lynne Reid Banks - it's actually rather good... illustrations to follow possibly.


I haven't been doing much drawing for a while... have been too busy moving house!
I've started to paint my room - 'perfectly taupe' and 'dusted damson', apparently. I do love these sort of colours though. My housemate always says I dress like a Dulux neutrals colour chart.

Also, a quick snap of the beautiful inky letterpress drawer I got from a little antiques fair on Sunday, me and my friend were the youngest people there by at least thirty years... loved it though. I got the seller down by £2 to £18, not bad! My Midlands bartering works yet again ;)

More room/interior decoration updates to follow soon...
Oh check out my Pinterest if you like, I have a not-so-full-yet 'interiors' board. At least I have good intentions I guess.

April 3, 2012


First attempt at one of my Paris observation illustrations...