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January 31, 2014


Monochrome - Recent purchases

Some things I recently purchased in the sale (and not in the sale...) I didn't realise I was that into monochrome at the moment... I haven't received the stripy dress/white dress/tights yet so hopefully they'll be a good fit. I snapped up the white dress from Topshop just in time as it's now sold out!

January 30, 2014

Wednesday Addams


I'm away from home for a little bit at the moment, working on some commissions I have on. Last week was the first Antiques's fair of 2014 which was great to work at; I love working there and it's amazing how the show comes together from only a few days setting up.

I can't post any work up at the moment as it's all still ongoing.. but I have so many personal projects I want to work on, as well as a new collection for my clothing label. Not enough hours in the day... But now that I'm back after the fair I'll have plenty of time to work on everything.

I'll leave you with another continuation of my Polyvore obsession! I guess I'm trying to make them wearable and not exactly what the characters wore. I'm trying to do all my favourite female film/TV characters, I have a couple more but if anyone has suggestions for who they'd like to see next, just leave me a comment!

Oh and a quick thank you to all my new Bloglovin' followers! I'm now at forty-two which is amazing.... I do hope you'll stick around for my waffle.

January 21, 2014


January 20, 2014


January 19, 2014


As you can see I've had a lazy afternoon messing about on Polyvore - definitely my new favourite way to waste time. 

And yes I said goodbye to the Metro today :( 

Audrey Horne

Enid Coleslaw

Jessica Fletcher

January 18, 2014


So I'm finally back in the world, well the digital one at least.

I've had no laptop for two weeks as a certain somebody (accidentally of course) dropped my laptop and broke the hard drive. I have therefore lost everything on there and had to wait all this time for the repair company to order a new one in. Actually it's been quite a good lesson in that I shouldn't rely on it too much! But I really wanted to get stuck into my freelance work and blogging after Christmas and it really set me back, as well as me having to let down clients with deadlines (not good at all) 

In other equally annoying/bad news, my little Metro has finally bitten the dust D: I drove me and my housemate home for Christmas and on the way back it started to make the most horrendous crunching metal noise, so we had to get towed back to London along with Birdy and Percy (the chihuahua) a very comical site if I wasn't so gutted about my car.... I just can't afford the repairs anymore and I don't necessarily need a car in London, it's just handy for trips back to Cambridge and the Midlands really. I may have to create a fairwell illustration for him!

I've been out and about at a couple of galleries this month, firstly the Paul Klee show at the Tate Modern and Republic of the Moon at the OXO Tower. I also had pizza and beer at Crate last Thursday eve and took a trip to Wakefield last Saturday for my last illustration meeting for the Sex Education commission. Exciting stuff! The meeting was great fun and I'm looking forward to getting the book laid out and printed. Oh if anyone knows of any good printers in London they could recommend, do let me know :)

So a very up-and-down month/year so far, but hopefully it will start to be a bit more stable from now. I'm working at the Decorative Fair all of next week which should be really fun, although sadly I won't be able to afford anything on offer...!

I'm heading back home now London now after a couple of days in Cambridge - I need to go and buy a birthday present. On a Saturday. In London. Help.