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December 13, 2012


A few Christmas presents have been bought (eugh, no money left) and some are due to be made. I started to print my Christmas cards last night too - will post photos soon as I may do a DIY screen print tutorial with them...

Also got to take up my dress for work Christmas party on Sat (another 'eugh' to that) and then another 101 things before I head home up to the West Mids on 24th... but it's all good :)

First layer drying...

December 1, 2012


1st December means cloves & oranges! They're currently drying on the radiator making my room smell amazing!

I always used to help my dad make them back home :) I'm not really bothered about Christmas till the 24th but I love to make these early and have them around the house.

I've now got all the supplies for my Christmas cards, so will get on with making those this week too. They're going to be finch-themed I think!