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June 26, 2014


Dress Zara
Shoes New Look

My recent Zara dress purchase - very pleased with it! Although I did resort to tights as my legs are in desperate need of some sun...

I had a very exciting meeting today about an illustration job for a production company... rather pleased with myself :D Then I had pizza slices and frozen yoghurt for lunch in the new area around Regent's Canal at Kings Cross - plus caught a bit of Wimbledon on the outdoor screen.

June 25, 2014


Life after God, Douglas Coupland

Less than zero, Bret Easton Ellis

Some things that meant the world to me, Joshua Mohr

June 20, 2014


Zara sale, couldn't resist :)

T shirts £17.99

June 19, 2014


Here are two recent private portrait commissions I've been working on, both very fun to do!

June 12, 2014


The title says it all really!

My London prints are now for sale - they are a numbered and signed edition of twelve, £40 each. I'll be putting them up in my shop shortly, but if you'd like to buy one please email me :) estellesmorris@gmail.com

June 10, 2014


So my external hard drive has decided to pack up today for absolutely no reason, leaving me wondering if I'll see any of my work again D: I need to go to PC World tomorrow for a data recovery, although I'm hoping it might just be the cable. Bloody technology.

In better news I'm shortly off to the UK-Mexico exhibition where my screen print is on show together with one from Anita Dinamita, my Mexican partner in crime! (mine is on the right)

June 8, 2014


Today is the first time I've ventured to the famous Colombia Road flower market, even though I live so close! It was sooo busy but really cool; there are a row of little boutiques, art and homeware shops along the road and the market runs down the middle. I bought a bunch of pink peonies (forgetting we don't have any vases, hence the Jeremiah Weed glass) and some Father's Day presents for Sunday.

I'd definitely recommend heading down on a Sunday - apart from the lovely independent shops, the plants and flowers are so reasonably priced, with most things being a fiver. There were so many things I could have easily bought, including some very over priced banana chutney (one of my faves) but I think I might try to make my own instead...

June 6, 2014


I got my screen prints and the postcards back from the studio today, so all ready to go for the exhibition on Tuesday! The postcards are for visitors to draw in their versions of London and upload online with the #mylondonyourlondon.

June 5, 2014


Some new fashion blogs I've started following :


Sheer top ASOS
Boots New Look

June 4, 2014


Work in progress and final illustration - first in a series of character greetings cards I'll soon be selling!



How is it June already??!

This weekend was the Mr's birthday so we had an all day pub session on Sunday, followed by a trip to the Sensational Butterflies exhibit at the Natural History Museum on Monday. I entertained my inner child and completed the little stamp card... :D

Yesterday I had a meeting at The View Tube in Hackney Wick, not realising it's only a fifteen minute walk from me - it's a cute cafe and (I assume) a pretty cool view from the top of the building, although I didn't venture up. I've been trying to find local places to go and work in order to not be such a hermit, so this is definitely on the list, if they have free wifi of course..