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December 31, 2013


I don't think it's a good idea for me to make a definitive list of New Year's resolutions (as I'm far too lazy to keep them up) but overall I think I want to try and be as successful as possible with my freelance work in 2014; improving my portfolio, refining my style and opening up an online shop...

I also have plans for Can I keep you (my vintage/handmade clothing shop) with lots of ideas for a new mini collection and the next vintage fair date almost booked.

Oh, and one more - to cook more!
PS. And hello to you two new readers ;)

December 28, 2013


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#4 unknown

December 26, 2013


Well Christmas was lovely and I received amazing gifts, for which I felt very stingy as I had only given everyone homemade gingerbread due to London making me extremely poor! I bought the cutters from Ikea, although not officially 'Christmassy', I like them!

Ha I'd hate to go shopping on Boxing day, instead I sat in front of my laptop with a rum and coke. I've had some Christmas money so thought I would be bad and treat myself.

Things I bought.
Dr Martens 1461 white lace ups

Zara knitted lapel coat

Zara long sleeve tshirt

And things I would like...
Topshop leather sweater

River Island button down skirt

River Island leather biker jacket

Zara trousers

Zara crop top

Asos white tights

December 25, 2013


December 11, 2013


So, Broken Sword 5 is out. Spent most of this morning playing it... If you don't know what BS is then you are missing out!

And a quick pic of me and my daytime company... aw.


December 8, 2013


I've been a bit groggy and ill this weekend (cough) so have stayed in and chilled out/got up extremely late/worked.

I've designed the new logo for Dead Ink (who I've been working with for about the past eighteen months) which is now up on the website. I'm now also Dead Ink Design Editor which I'm thrilled about :) I'll have a bio page up on the website soon, as well as a blog where I'll be explaining the thought processes behind my book cover designs.

On a different note I've been working on two character designs for Northumberland National Park 'Young Adventurers' call out. The brief was to create an outdoors, adventurous girl aged 6-10 alongside an animal 'partner-in-crime', preferably local to North East England. I couldn't decide between a red squirrel and an otter so did both!

I'm cooking Sunday lunch for me and the boys today so best go check on the chicken...

December 6, 2013


A preview of some cute characters I'm working on this evening...

December 3, 2013


I'm currently working on some illustrations for a fashion spread, inspired by the 1956 short French film, The Red Balloon. Of course I sat and watched it this evening to gain inspiration for the backgrounds, it's such a lovely little story and well worth a watch; the 50's Parisian backdrop is beautiful.




At the weekend I went to visit the Facing the Modern: The Portrait in Vienna 1900 exhibition at the National Gallery with a friend and I'd thoroughly recommend it.

The exhibition documents the development of portraiture in Vienna at the turn of the century and as well as showing earlier and rarely seen works, there were also artist death masks on display which were completely fascinating and wonderfully odd.

It's open until 12th January and make sure you use a student card if you have one for £5.50 entry...

One of my favourite pieces was a deathbed portrait by Klimt, commissioned by the parents of a girl who committed suicide aged twenty-four. I love the way Klimt captures the blue and pink of skin tones and how they look against his bright backdrops.

 Ria Munk on the Deathbed (Ria Munk I) 1912

November 26, 2013


Had a lovely day hanging about Westfields with Mr. H, although I got doused in various perfumes in aid of mom-xmas-shopping by him.... however I did get a bloody tasty Franco Manca pizza out of him so didn't do too badly :) We also got two rounds of free pretzel samples, wise move.

But it did make me realise why I don't go shopping when I have no money as it makes me want things. A lot. In this case I am being quite sensible and longing after a coat. And a hat.

I have put together a coat wishlist. Why do I do this to myself.

American Apparel Wool Coat

ASOS Biker Coat

Zara Knitted Lapel Coat

Topshop Colour Block Wool Jacket

Topshop Textured Ovoid Coat

Religion Oversized Coat

Selected Trish Ovoid Coat

They are all waaaay over my current budget, boo.
I'm going to get crafty with ebay and see what I can get cheaper...

November 25, 2013


I've just been sent some stills from a music video I worked on back in June, for Veronika Vesper 'Suffocate' at Hackney Downs Studios.

Such a fun job to work on! (There I am in the bad shirt)

All photos from James Taylor-Mémé



November 21, 2013


Inking up the paper/my fingers this evening for a book cover commission...