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April 22, 2013


Yes, I have hit the old quarter of a century! Doesn't feel any different, just closer to thirty I guess D: haha.

I went back home (West Mids) for the weekend and spent some quality time with family and friends :) I got lots of lovely things for my birthday too, was very spoilt! 

Back at work today (bored) and even more spurred on to make freelancing work... there are just so many things I want to do and explore and I can't seem to make them work with a full time 'proper job'. Of course money is the biggest issue so I can't just quit, but hoping to find something else to sustain me if I can! I have lots and lots of projects on at the moment which I very much need to crack on with. Hoping to start another project/venture (fashion related) soon but just working it all out...

I will leave you with my favourite song/video of the moment and say goodnight! x

April 11, 2013


Soooooo busy at the moment! But with lots of good things :)

Here is the finished logo/design for 'Cream Ho!' ice cream company:

It was really fun to do and I'll be creating other designs and layouts for the brand including business cards, a t shirt and website.

Got lots of other things going on at the moment too - here's a peek at the painted background for a lovely pop-up shop poster I'm working on...

April 7, 2013


April's been a busy one for me so far, illustration wise!

I've been working on the branding for an ice cream bike company and apart from a couple of tweaks the vinyl sticker designs for the bike are done.. then onto facebook/website/business card/t-shirt designs...

Birdy was helping me out :)

He's been super cheeky and naughty these past couple of weeks... I think it's the approach of Spring perhaps! He loves to collect various things from around my room to put in his nest so I've been attempting to get photos of him in flight... although not very successfully as he's so quick!

 And another one of my handsome fellow :)

I'm going to get business cards and have a website update soon as I'll have lots of new bits to put up... I think I'm going to separate it into 'illustration' and 'design' as I've been doing a bit more graphics/branding type work recently.

April 1, 2013


I got back from a weekend away in Edinburgh late this evening, visiting Matt's family and taking in the sights. It was so lovely, and far sunnier than here in Cambridge!

We were staying in Polmont, about twenty minutes outside of Edinburgh. The scenery was so beautiful and the mountain views really reminded me of Iceland!

 Sasha the Labrador

 David Hume statue (the famous big toe!)

 Me and Matt near Edinburgh Castle

The amazing National Museum of Scotland!


A very cool/cheesy Frankenstein themed bar in Edinburgh

I arrived back home to find a copy of Fake Magazine posted to me, as some of my older patterns had been used as front/back illustrations in the latest 'Myths' issue :)