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February 28, 2013


Birdy landed on my leg :)

Also have a (potentially) great idea for a zine that I want to make... hopefully start it this weekend. Plus will be working on a couple of fashion blog collaborations over the next few weeks, still in discussions!

March tomorrow... wow, that's come around quick.

Night chucks x

February 22, 2013


I'm always seeking out other illustrators online, saving images I like or pinning them onto my Pinterest boards… I don't often find work that really stands out to me, but today I've discovered two amazing illustrators through twitter and wanted to dedicate a post to them!

Liam Smith AKA inWONDER

I think Vector illustration can sometimes look a little 'samey' and flat, but I love the colour palette Liam uses, as well as them being full of interesting layers and texture. The small details are so cute, I love the whale's wooden water spout!

His work makes me want to be more adventurous and imaginative with my illustrations, and not be constrained by what is real. Love the made-up worlds he creates!


Amy-Louise Olszak

As soon as I saw the first image I knew I'd like the rest of Amy's work; the washed out greys are beautiful and I love the hints of orange. I used to use a lot of water colour in my own work and would love to try it out again...

The pill bottle illustration is probably my favourite out of these images, I like really striking, odd compositions like this.

February 21, 2013


Two posts in one day, well I never.

Late night quick illustration, I just had to get this down! You know when something happens or you see something, a spark goes off and you want to draw it straight away...? Perhaps just me then.

But today at work I answered the phone to a sales guy and he had the best name EVER. Also his actual words :)


Obviously wasn't at LFW but I always have a look at what's been going on (and have a sneaky watch of the live stream at work..)

A few bits I liked :

 Bora Aksu

Margaret Howell 

 Margaret Howell 

 Margaret Howell

 Eudon Choi

 Roksanda Ilincic

 Richard Nicoll 


 Zoë Jordan 


I'm really into masculine shaped clothes and details in muted colours... pretty much how I dress, with Docs or high tops thrown in  :)

Oh and I've found a new singer I really love, Tom Odell - I'm probably the last to hear about him as I think he won a Brit Breakthrough award or something and was on Jools Holland last year... but have  been listening to his EP a lot over the past couple of days and I really like it.

February 20, 2013


A few drawings from yesterday's Drink & Draw event...

 And apparently this is as bad for your health as smoking... D: maybe I should cut down.

I'm also glad to report that Birdy is safe and well and back in his nest, he went missing over Sunday and Monday, turned out he'd been stuck under some clothes in my wardrobe! :O

February 12, 2013



February 11, 2013


I have a new logo for my website, and hopefully getting some business cards printed pretty soon. I'm very particular about what I want though so it might turn out rather pricey! Some heavy grey board with debossing, spot UV and foil would be lovely…

Another Monday ahead of me, oh joy.

February 7, 2013


Another quite horrid shirt and another picture of Birdy. Sorry, maybe I need a new muse!

As you can see I don't like being in photos much, but I want to document my shirt collection as there are some absolute bangers in there.

Perhaps a weekly shirt-showcase?!

February 6, 2013


So, besides illustration I do have an actual 9-5 day job, as a Junior Developer at a luxury packaging company… I would very much like to be full time freelance, but alas this has not yet happened.

Today I've not been too busy as we're into Chinese New Year (we use Asia suppliers) so I've been practising technical drawing on Graphite. It's pretty cool actually, I do get a little kick out of everything being perfectly to size and labelled! I always did love drawing graphs and symmetrical shapes in Maths at school.

I had a go at drawing a few things on my desk:

L-R : glass, hand cream tube, heart box sample, mug!

It's kind of like Illustrator I guess, except it's just about the lines and angles and isn't as pretty, ha ha.

I quite like technical drawings, I've been thinking of getting my next (third) tattoo soon and basing it on an old constellation/moon phase/solar system diagram.

All images linked to original sources

February 5, 2013


My weekend was lovely and rubbish in equal parts : I went back home and saw my family which was cool, as I haven't seen my little niece and nephew in ages. Although I went out on Saturday and had my phone nicked! Complete bummer. 

I'm trying to arrange another one now, although my insurance apparently doesn't cover loss or theft. Argh. Luckily I think I can claim on my Mom's insurance (thanks Mom!) So at the moment I have an old Motorola which I'm finding it really difficult to text on… haven't used an old-style phone in years.

It's not the end of the world I guess… that's what I keep telling myself anyway :/

In other (more positive) news, I've been working on a lot of stuff for Dead Ink lately – following on from the e-book cover I did for Controller. I've been designing an app logo and Wordpress header image for them, and helping out with their Myths of The Near Future online magazine. It's been really fun to work on something different – still my 'style' I guess, but a little cleaner and most of it is Vector graphics.

This is the chosen app logo, plus the amended version for Wordpress :


The other options which I presented below, plus a couple of full page holding images which weren't used. I did quite like the way they turned out; I had myths, legends, astrology and constellations in mind…

I'll probably be doing a lot more stuff for them over the coming months, it's been really fun working in our small team, looking forward to it continuing :)

I'll have all of these up on my Facebook and Flickr very soon too if you fancy a gander...

February 1, 2013


Messy hair and a new shirt from the weekend.
Shirt: £2.50, thrifted

I'm off home to the Midlands tomorrow and my sister, niece and nephew will be there :)
I should probably, definitely pack now and go to bed. Ta-ra.