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March 30, 2014


Full alphabet of my illustrated typeface; I actually put this together using Photoshop Touch for iPad, which is great app for cropping images and photo editing on the go. Although this isn't very high res I now realise...

Will post up a better one when I return from my hols!


March 18, 2014


A peek at a typeface I'm creating for a magazine. Saucy.

March 10, 2014


I thought I'd do a post on some films I've watched recently and really enjoyed. I saw 'Her' in the cinema and the rest are on Netflix.

A beautifully real and touching French film about Adèle, who experiences love and heartbreak with a blue haired girl she meets after crossing in the street.

A familiar love story jarred with odd circumstances, set in the near future. Quirky and lovely.

A slow paced and moving story about a family coming to terms with the inevitable end of the world. 

A darkly funny film following a clueless and immature thirty-something as she tries to win back her High School boyfriend. Often scarily identifiable.

Don't be fooled by the poster; this is a very touching story about regressing back to the person you were, and what consequences can come of it.

More like a chapter of character Aura's life rather than a fully formed film, this is both funny and relatable to any twenty-something in a similar position to her.

A series of interconnecting contemporary digital and social media 'horror' stories.

March 6, 2014


So I had to return a couple of things to Westfields today and pick up a Zara purchase, also ending up having a mini haul whilst there. My weakness. And got the Asos trousers online, o' course.

By the way if you want to buy anything white from Zara, go online - honestly, everything in that shop is just covered in make up stains from people trying them on. Is foundation even supposed to come in orange?!

Mr Percy Chihuahua is being ultra fussy and wanting to bite me this evening... and I have Dred Prez 'It's bigger than Hip Hop' stuck in my head for some reason. Ok then :)

ZARA Organza polo shirt £29.99 / NEW LOOK White caged chunky block heel sandals £24.99 / ASOS High waisted trousers (in sale) £24.50 / FOREVER 21 Sleek asymmetrical skirt £6.50 / FOREVER 21 Minimalist maxi dress £8.75 / H&M Skinny high jeans £29.99 / UNIQLO Mens Oxford slim fit shirt £14.50

March 5, 2014


A busy one. We finally had our flatwarming party which went very well and everyone seemed enjoyably drunk. 

I've since had my Mom visiting for a couple of days which was lovely :) We went around Covent Garden for a little while before getting Sunday lunch at Hawksmoor Seven Dials - not cheap by any means, but the service is wonderful and the Sunday lunch includes a very amazing cut of 'Longhorn beef' - medium rare of course ;) They did make a little mistake as my Mom ordered hers well done, so we got a free dessert in return!

On Monday we went to see the Richard Deacon exhibition at Tate Britain - sculpture isn't normally my thing but we both really enjoyed it and had a quick wander around the permanent exhibition too - made me think I should go there a lot more often. It's so peaceful and an amazing place to spend an afternoon. I came across a painting called 'The Deluge', by Winifred Knights (who I actually hadn't heard of before) which I fell in love with - I'm going to look more into her work as I adore the sort of flat, cubist way she paints figures. After that we had a few drinks in The Cross Keys Covent Garden, and then went for pizza at Franco Manca; 'ma new fave.

The Deluge, 1920 / Winifred Knights / Tate Britain

Then on her last day we went for breakfast near my flat, to Counter Cafe in Hackney Wick. It was actually nice enough to sit outside too :) I had French toast with berries, syrup and toasted almonds, yum.