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November 26, 2013


Had a lovely day hanging about Westfields with Mr. H, although I got doused in various perfumes in aid of mom-xmas-shopping by him.... however I did get a bloody tasty Franco Manca pizza out of him so didn't do too badly :) We also got two rounds of free pretzel samples, wise move.

But it did make me realise why I don't go shopping when I have no money as it makes me want things. A lot. In this case I am being quite sensible and longing after a coat. And a hat.

I have put together a coat wishlist. Why do I do this to myself.

American Apparel Wool Coat

ASOS Biker Coat

Zara Knitted Lapel Coat

Topshop Colour Block Wool Jacket

Topshop Textured Ovoid Coat

Religion Oversized Coat

Selected Trish Ovoid Coat

They are all waaaay over my current budget, boo.
I'm going to get crafty with ebay and see what I can get cheaper...

November 25, 2013


I've just been sent some stills from a music video I worked on back in June, for Veronika Vesper 'Suffocate' at Hackney Downs Studios.

Such a fun job to work on! (There I am in the bad shirt)

All photos from James Taylor-Mémé



November 21, 2013


Inking up the paper/my fingers this evening for a book cover commission...


November 20, 2013


I discovered the clothing label I am I yesterday and want almost everything they make. They only seem to be sold on this website so I think they're Japanese.

Finding this very inspirational for my own recently-started label - I love the simple block colours and shapes, and the quirky details like the folded hand print and little tail on the furry shorts!

I also love the English translations of the clothing descriptions...

Unique shirt which printed a picture trick, such as arm in arm in a simple shirt. 
It is one piece that I want to look at his arms folded unintentionally. 
If I put a cardigan, I might look to wind shawl. ♪ image is a sample. There is the case that specifications, processing, size, etc. is different from a real product in some. 

Petticoat underwear plentiful volume of bore material that reproduces the natural colors of alpaca.

It is a good affinity and knit, and items with the volume not to lose pants. 
Tail sticks in the back style, and it is at a point of I am I only playful. 
In conjunction with pattern tights, ○ also dressed to the nines thoroughly wearing ※ model is the tea.

Thickness and pitch glad to border love, I prepared to be able to choose your choice of two types of fine pitch. 
♪ collar gave you away is a unique, horizontal stripes of standards of their design has become to some odd quirks ※ model wearing is black.


November 19, 2013


When researching ideas to create the Dutch Barn album cover, I came across some wonderfully odd exercise/gymnast diagrams. I'd like to use something like this within my own work, I love the simple lines and sequential layout.

(All found through google search, artists unknown)


I was recently asked by Eardrumspop record label to design the cover for Dutch Barn's EP 'About Time'. I enjoyed this commission so much, and it's going to be released officially this Thursday...

There is an interview with me on their illustrator profile page too.

The work in progress...

November 9, 2013


Hello. Back to the blog after a long break...!

Life update (in a nutshell) : As of three weeks ago I am now living in London, working freelance and doing part time design work. It feels very strange yet lovely to be able to finally say that I'm a 'freelance illustrator'.

Of course I'm still in the very early stages at the moment, but am very much looking forward to the adventure and exploring my new home city. As a pretty much total London newbie, I hope to use this blog to record everything I do/see, as well as updating on my illustration work.

The new 'hood

View from our balcony 

My lap company whilst working

Morning ritual