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December 28, 2014


I'm sure like many other people I spent some time after Christmas checking out the Boxing Day sales (online though - no trudging the high street!) I didn't see loads I wanted but have got a few things on order :)

I've been after a trouser suit for a while and saw this one from New Look so thought I'd give it a go - plus a lovely crossover top and some chunky boots. I love New Look for shoes as I can actually fit into their size 8...

From Asos I just got some little silver hoop earrings and a simple black playsuit which should go with a lot of things, plus an Adidas backpack for carrying my laptop around. I also got a leather one from Topman so I'm planning to see which I like best and send the other back... I don't know how big the leather one is though so it could turn up and be tiny!

I'm heading back to London tomorrow, kind of looking forward to normality after the Christmas break! I need to get some commissions on the go, things have been a bit slow due to the holidays. Although I just secured a few days running on a film shoot so that should be fun!

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