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December 8, 2014


I'm always slack with my Christmas shopping so hit a few fairs this weekend to get some alternative little gifts :) I went to the Hackney Flea Market in Abney Hall, which had some lovely stuff (they also hold the DIY Art Markets there)

Then I stopped by the weekly carboot at Princess May Primary School, but people were packing up as I got there a bit late, but there are loads of sute little shops in Stokey so picked up a few bits along the way...

Then finally I went along to the Illustration Fair in Hoxton Arches, it's probably one for the more serious illustration/art fans as it's a fiver to get in, but there was some great stuff there too - a big part of why I went was to see the Christmas turkey entrance mural, painted by one of my favourite illustrators Louise Pomeroy. I bought a couple of bits from here but it was SO busy so really difficult to see everything properly.


That was all on Saturday, then Sunday I went to the Roman Road Winter Festival stalls (right in me' neighbourhood) and then went to Entrigue Emporium fair in Shoreditch, but this was a lot higher end items and a bit too expensive for little gifts so didn't buy anything, but there was some beautiful jewellery, taxidermy and handmade accessories.

Then I have my own Christmas fair on Saturday with Dandy Lion at the Sir Richard Steele. I've been getting everything ready over the last week or so, with some more bits to do this week... excited for my first one!

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