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July 18, 2013


I'm headed back home to the Midlands again this weekend for my moms and sisters birthday (the big 30!)  I have so much illustration work to do plus a job application so am going to try and squeeze it in between bbq's and screaming two-year-olds…

My printed cards from Moo arrived earlier this week, very pleased with them! They're going to be exclusively for sale in Peek Boutique's next pop-up shop, along with a few framed prints.

I've also treated myself to a few goodies this week…oops.
These will be my last indulgences for a while, as I'm in save save save mode now! But I've done a lot of freelance work over the past few months so thought I'd reward myself :)

I've had my eye on this necklace from Datter Industries for aaaages – I finally purchased it and am so looking forward to getting it! All the jewellery is hand casted and is super lovely, full of little hands and arrows and cats. I used to wear a silver locket all the time which I cleverly went and lost, so this will be a suitably cute replacement.

I've also been eyeing up these sheer panel socks from Asos for a while – I couldn't decide on black or white so bought both! Going to wear them with my platform black Vans I think…

Oh and my latest illustrations for Zooey Magazine are up on my website – I'm going to be doing some more work for them very soon in an illustration feature!

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