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July 13, 2013


Back in Cambridge now and back to work!
It is SO hot today, I'm sitting in my cool room wondering when to brave the heat and what I will actually wear to avoid boiling alive...

Here is some recent work I did for Where The Styled Things Are, a fashion blog based in Perth. This is something a bit different from my usual work; it's all hand drawn with barely any editing, then coloured in digitally on Photoshop - I'm normally into quite 'flat' colour without shading but I thought I'd do something new for this. I'm really pleased with the result actually, and Adelle over at the blog loved it which was great!

I'm trying to get as much freelance work as I can at the moment, ready for my move to the big smoke...

... In other news, I'll shortly be opening my Asos Marketplace shop!

The clothes are all photographed and I've designed the shop logo (still deciding if I like it!) so once the shop is up I'm going to start a facebook and blog for it too. Excited :D

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