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July 30, 2013


Almost August, where have the days gone…?!

I've been working away like crazy this month, saving up everything I can for Laaandan... I finished a commission last week which I'm so pleased with – it was a collaboration with In a Nutshell Studio (The lovely Marichiel) she creates 'Sketchnotes' for clients and brands in order to sum up their business with a visual diagram. We've been in contact for a while now (she's from sunny CA – not jealous at all, haha) working on a few bits, and this one has turned out amazingly – the client loved it so much we are now designing all her social media banners too!

It was such a fun project to work on and something quite different to my usual style. Although I always have some hand drawn element in everything I do; the text was pencil/ink scanned in although all the illustrations are created in Illustrator. Marichiel is amazing and comes up with the layout, flow of the illustrations and all the type – I think we make a great team!

And tomorrow I have a super exciting meeting with someone from Cosmopolitan!! Won't reveal all but I'm going to be creating something for their Cosmo on Campus magazine…. I have a nice flow of illustration work going on at the moment and am trying very hard to keep momentum going – it's actually so difficult juggling everything with my day job (…but not for much longer!) Plans are slowly coming together, fingers crossed.

I had a busy weekend in London actually, assisting on a music video for singer Charlie Green – he was so lovely, as was our little filming crew! (You might recognise him from Britains Got Talent a few years back) Having lots of tourists staring at you because you're with a cameraman is pretty funny…!

Ooh, and I'm planning something exciting for my Asos shop, CIKY later today – keep an eye on Twitter for all the deets ;)

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