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February 6, 2013


So, besides illustration I do have an actual 9-5 day job, as a Junior Developer at a luxury packaging company… I would very much like to be full time freelance, but alas this has not yet happened.

Today I've not been too busy as we're into Chinese New Year (we use Asia suppliers) so I've been practising technical drawing on Graphite. It's pretty cool actually, I do get a little kick out of everything being perfectly to size and labelled! I always did love drawing graphs and symmetrical shapes in Maths at school.

I had a go at drawing a few things on my desk:

L-R : glass, hand cream tube, heart box sample, mug!

It's kind of like Illustrator I guess, except it's just about the lines and angles and isn't as pretty, ha ha.

I quite like technical drawings, I've been thinking of getting my next (third) tattoo soon and basing it on an old constellation/moon phase/solar system diagram.

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