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February 22, 2013


I'm always seeking out other illustrators online, saving images I like or pinning them onto my Pinterest boards… I don't often find work that really stands out to me, but today I've discovered two amazing illustrators through twitter and wanted to dedicate a post to them!

Liam Smith AKA inWONDER

I think Vector illustration can sometimes look a little 'samey' and flat, but I love the colour palette Liam uses, as well as them being full of interesting layers and texture. The small details are so cute, I love the whale's wooden water spout!

His work makes me want to be more adventurous and imaginative with my illustrations, and not be constrained by what is real. Love the made-up worlds he creates!


Amy-Louise Olszak

As soon as I saw the first image I knew I'd like the rest of Amy's work; the washed out greys are beautiful and I love the hints of orange. I used to use a lot of water colour in my own work and would love to try it out again...

The pill bottle illustration is probably my favourite out of these images, I like really striking, odd compositions like this.

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