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December 8, 2013


I've been a bit groggy and ill this weekend (cough) so have stayed in and chilled out/got up extremely late/worked.

I've designed the new logo for Dead Ink (who I've been working with for about the past eighteen months) which is now up on the website. I'm now also Dead Ink Design Editor which I'm thrilled about :) I'll have a bio page up on the website soon, as well as a blog where I'll be explaining the thought processes behind my book cover designs.

On a different note I've been working on two character designs for Northumberland National Park 'Young Adventurers' call out. The brief was to create an outdoors, adventurous girl aged 6-10 alongside an animal 'partner-in-crime', preferably local to North East England. I couldn't decide between a red squirrel and an otter so did both!

I'm cooking Sunday lunch for me and the boys today so best go check on the chicken...

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