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November 26, 2013


Had a lovely day hanging about Westfields with Mr. H, although I got doused in various perfumes in aid of mom-xmas-shopping by him.... however I did get a bloody tasty Franco Manca pizza out of him so didn't do too badly :) We also got two rounds of free pretzel samples, wise move.

But it did make me realise why I don't go shopping when I have no money as it makes me want things. A lot. In this case I am being quite sensible and longing after a coat. And a hat.

I have put together a coat wishlist. Why do I do this to myself.

American Apparel Wool Coat

ASOS Biker Coat

Zara Knitted Lapel Coat

Topshop Colour Block Wool Jacket

Topshop Textured Ovoid Coat

Religion Oversized Coat

Selected Trish Ovoid Coat

They are all waaaay over my current budget, boo.
I'm going to get crafty with ebay and see what I can get cheaper...

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