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December 26, 2013


Well Christmas was lovely and I received amazing gifts, for which I felt very stingy as I had only given everyone homemade gingerbread due to London making me extremely poor! I bought the cutters from Ikea, although not officially 'Christmassy', I like them!

Ha I'd hate to go shopping on Boxing day, instead I sat in front of my laptop with a rum and coke. I've had some Christmas money so thought I would be bad and treat myself.

Things I bought.
Dr Martens 1461 white lace ups

Zara knitted lapel coat

Zara long sleeve tshirt

And things I would like...
Topshop leather sweater

River Island button down skirt

River Island leather biker jacket

Zara trousers

Zara crop top

Asos white tights

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