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January 6, 2015


On Friday I went to see Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude at the Coultard Gallery (inside Somerset House) We're both huge fans of his work so were really excited to see it; I haven't heard of another solo Schiele show being around, at least not in London anyway. 

I hadn't been to the Coultard Gallery before, it has two large joining rooms for the show and had a great selection of Schiele's work from his early days up until his death at only twenty-eight. If you don't know of his work, he was an expressionist artist living and working in Vienna. He focused on the nude figure, creating many drawings and paintings of himself,  his friends, lovers and sister. For me as an illustrator, I love his use of bold, confident line and the contorted angles and shapes which he makes with the figures.

It's hard to believe that some of the works are so early, I think they look so contemporary and have a clean, graphic quality which remind me a little of Jamie Hewlett or David Hughes.

There's a good review of the exhibition here.

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