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March 10, 2014


I thought I'd do a post on some films I've watched recently and really enjoyed. I saw 'Her' in the cinema and the rest are on Netflix.

A beautifully real and touching French film about Adèle, who experiences love and heartbreak with a blue haired girl she meets after crossing in the street.

A familiar love story jarred with odd circumstances, set in the near future. Quirky and lovely.

A slow paced and moving story about a family coming to terms with the inevitable end of the world. 

A darkly funny film following a clueless and immature thirty-something as she tries to win back her High School boyfriend. Often scarily identifiable.

Don't be fooled by the poster; this is a very touching story about regressing back to the person you were, and what consequences can come of it.

More like a chapter of character Aura's life rather than a fully formed film, this is both funny and relatable to any twenty-something in a similar position to her.

A series of interconnecting contemporary digital and social media 'horror' stories.

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