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March 6, 2014


So I had to return a couple of things to Westfields today and pick up a Zara purchase, also ending up having a mini haul whilst there. My weakness. And got the Asos trousers online, o' course.

By the way if you want to buy anything white from Zara, go online - honestly, everything in that shop is just covered in make up stains from people trying them on. Is foundation even supposed to come in orange?!

Mr Percy Chihuahua is being ultra fussy and wanting to bite me this evening... and I have Dred Prez 'It's bigger than Hip Hop' stuck in my head for some reason. Ok then :)

ZARA Organza polo shirt £29.99 / NEW LOOK White caged chunky block heel sandals £24.99 / ASOS High waisted trousers (in sale) £24.50 / FOREVER 21 Sleek asymmetrical skirt £6.50 / FOREVER 21 Minimalist maxi dress £8.75 / H&M Skinny high jeans £29.99 / UNIQLO Mens Oxford slim fit shirt £14.50

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