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November 20, 2013


I discovered the clothing label I am I yesterday and want almost everything they make. They only seem to be sold on this website so I think they're Japanese.

Finding this very inspirational for my own recently-started label - I love the simple block colours and shapes, and the quirky details like the folded hand print and little tail on the furry shorts!

I also love the English translations of the clothing descriptions...

Unique shirt which printed a picture trick, such as arm in arm in a simple shirt. 
It is one piece that I want to look at his arms folded unintentionally. 
If I put a cardigan, I might look to wind shawl. ♪ image is a sample. There is the case that specifications, processing, size, etc. is different from a real product in some. 

Petticoat underwear plentiful volume of bore material that reproduces the natural colors of alpaca.

It is a good affinity and knit, and items with the volume not to lose pants. 
Tail sticks in the back style, and it is at a point of I am I only playful. 
In conjunction with pattern tights, ○ also dressed to the nines thoroughly wearing ※ model is the tea.

Thickness and pitch glad to border love, I prepared to be able to choose your choice of two types of fine pitch. 
♪ collar gave you away is a unique, horizontal stripes of standards of their design has become to some odd quirks ※ model wearing is black.


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