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April 7, 2013


April's been a busy one for me so far, illustration wise!

I've been working on the branding for an ice cream bike company and apart from a couple of tweaks the vinyl sticker designs for the bike are done.. then onto facebook/website/business card/t-shirt designs...

Birdy was helping me out :)

He's been super cheeky and naughty these past couple of weeks... I think it's the approach of Spring perhaps! He loves to collect various things from around my room to put in his nest so I've been attempting to get photos of him in flight... although not very successfully as he's so quick!

 And another one of my handsome fellow :)

I'm going to get business cards and have a website update soon as I'll have lots of new bits to put up... I think I'm going to separate it into 'illustration' and 'design' as I've been doing a bit more graphics/branding type work recently.

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