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January 3, 2013


I'm going to start the new year with one of my favourite ever bands:

I haven't done a fat lot so far, I spent NYE at a house party in London which was great – have since been back behind my desk at work…
I'm pretty busy already though, I'm determined to be freelance by the end of this year so have been trying to source experience and interning for art departments, production, events and running. After talking over freelance stuff with a friend I've realised I probably won't be where I want to be straightway through illustration alone. Although that's ultimately what I want to do I also love making things, meeting new people and travelling and don't want to be stuck in the same office for eight hours a day. I think if I can get regular work doing various art/film jobs it would keep me on my toes, enable me to meet the 'right people' and stay varied and interesting. After two years doing the 9-5 I think I'm done, I want something new!

Anyway, after two days assisting with the creative events company at the end of last year, I've been emailing people like mad, trying to get more of the same. So on Monday I've taken a day off work for an initial meeting/leaflet distributing in London as I'll be running backstage at a West End play throughout the February weekends. A little off subject (but very excitingly!) I'll also be stewarding at the BBC Stargazing LIVE next Thursday evening :) I must admit I was in the hope that I might meet the lovely Mr. Cox, but I won't be at the event which is being filmed, damn! Although there will be a live stream into the BBC Studios so should be a great night! I don't really know a lot about stargazing and physics but I always adored learning about space at school and it'll be a great chance for some possible night-sketching of the crowds!

In the meantime I'm trying to juggle lots of illustration projects and save money after Christmas…

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