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January 21, 2013

DIY # 1

As I make/customise/rip up a lot of my clothes I've decided to start posting up some DIY projects... I think a lot of them have been done on other blogs etc. but hope you enjoy them anyway!


I have a big short sleeve denim shirt which I stole from my mate John after a fancy dress party.. you can use any denim shirt for this though, stolen or otherwise :)

So firstly cut out the back panel, or whichever panel you want to replace. Denim shirts tend to have quite thick rolled hems so this is good to cut out against.

The back panel of my shirt had two darts (small folds) at the top - it's a good idea to mark where these are and copy them onto the new back panel so it fits well.

Choose your fabric - I have some vintage Laura Ashley cotton which I got at a church fete! But anything non-stretchy is fine like cotton, lace, or even a different colour denim.

Then measure how much fabric you'll need by placing the cut-out panel flat onto it. It's a good idea to iron the fabric first, but I'm just lazy so didn't. Then fold the fabric/panels in half and line up the folded edges. Use this to cut out the section (as then both sides will match) Leave about 1-2cm seam allowance around the edges.


Next you need to hem the bottom of the cotton panel - again, it's good to iron it down first. You could overlock the edge and fold once, but I did a double fold to avoid having to do this! Pin along the edge and sew a straight line using a matching colour cotton.


Then it's just a case of sewing the new panel in to replace the denim - pin the right side edges together, keeping the darts in (if the shirt had any) 

It can be a bit difficult to sew the fabric neatly in the corners, I had to go back and sew over some dodgy bits!

Lastly, you can cut out the sleeves if you want - mine were huge so I decided to make it into a sleeveless shirt :)

Luckily I didn't need to hem mine again as the denim rolled edging stoped the fraying. But a little fraying isn't the worst thing on a sleeveless shirt!


It's not the most complicated DIY project ever but it looks pretty cool :) I migh wear mine to work this week... with a cardi! Brrrr.

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