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January 19, 2013


I've been working on my fox animation this weekend, for a group project with some friends. Quick peek below of it so far... I've never done animation before so am finding it fairly difficult. I was told to make it sketchy and loose, so that helps as it's quite rough!

Have also been working on the book illustration competition, althought the deadline is Tuesday so it's debateable whether I'll be finished in time. 

Had a nice mooch to Mill Road today and found a lovely coat for two quid; it's kind of suede feel burgundy colour with paisley lining. I've been thinking about whether to feature more 'fashion' stuff on here but I do tend to just wear mostly charity shop clothes. I've been told my style is a bit weird and that I dress like a nan... I have lovely friends! 

  New (old) coat and my trusty Docs.

  And more photos of Birdy because he is just too lovely.

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