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October 6, 2014



I was out with friends around the Notting Hill area yesterday so I thought we'd go to the Electric Diner for dinner. Located on Portobello Road (opposite the Electric Cinema) it's very attractive looking with the front made entirely of little windows and outdoor seating. It was around 5pm on a Saturday and we got seated straightaway in a red leather booth. The all day menu is a mixture of comfort food; burgers, hotdogs, ribs and macaroni cheese, alongside other dishes like grilled salmon, steak frites and salads; it's branded as an 'All-day French-American diner & bar'.

Decked out with red leather booth seating and a low arched ceiling, it feels quite cosy. Not too noisy but a good place to have a natter with friends. The open kitchen is behind the bar and they serve an impressive selection of drinks. 

I chose the double cheeseburger and three of us shared two portions of chips - my other friend had the shaved rib of beef sandwich with monterey jack and chips. When the stark white plate containing only a burger harpooned by a steak knife and a single gherkin on the side arrives, you can't help feeling a little cheated at the £11 price tag, plus £5 for chips. But - this is one deceptively filling burger! It's actually a triple, served medium-rare as standard and with a brioche style bun holding it all together. I'd recommend using that knife as this will most definitely cover your chin/arm with juice. The two portions of skin-on chips (served in stainless steel cups and baking paper) were more than enough for the three of us - in fact we could probably have just shared one. 
I was left very full and satisfied and due to the juiciness or the bun maybe, it leaves a very sweet aftertaste. I only had tap water to drink (which was very attentively filled up at least three to four times by the waitress) whereas the boys had pints of Anchor Stream, Delirium Tremens and an Aspalls to wash it down with. 

This isn't the cheapest place to eat; our bill came to around £85 for the four of us with the discretionary 12.5% service charge, but quite reasonable considering the touristy Portobello area it's in. I wouldn't mind visiting again and trying the pulled pork sandwich or macaroni cheese plate...

Electric Diner, 191 Portobello Road, London W11 2ED

* I'll hopefully carry on doing more illustrated food reviews (when I have money to eat out!) :P

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