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September 8, 2014


So I spent yesterday in a black hole of a hangover... even though I'd only had about five beers on Saturday! Getting old.... meh.

Anyway, we had a great time at the Chatsworth Road Festival in Hackney, I haven't actually explored this area since being in London, even though it's walkable from us! It was a very sweet festival, with a little band stage, kids circus entertainers and as we nicknamed him, the 'bubble man'. Percy enjoyed himself a lot too, getting lots of attention from the kids :)

And as I'm a 'penniless artiste', ha - it was nice to just drink beers from the 'offie and save a bit of money... we went back to a friends after and have a living room disco until the early hours. But yes I felt it yesterday and spent all day on the sofa drinking tea and watching trash. But back to it now and lots of work to get on with!


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