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September 15, 2014


On Friday me and my housemate were invited to a Cubanisto House of Mask party by a friend, I wasn't really sure what to expect but it was really fun :) You went through a wall of dry ice and had to write a 'confession' on a slip of paper, then you were let in two at a time to the entrance where there were actors who gave you a mask and a skull puzzle piece, then guided you through to a tiny door to where the party was....

The whole place was covered in UV illustrations and there was a craft room so you could decorate your mask... very fun squeezing glitter everywhere whilst tipsy ;) We also tried to look our coolest in the photobooth... ha.

We had free drink wristbands too which was amazing so drank quite a lot of Cubanisto... I actually love rum so it's quite a fitting beer :) Me and another friend matched our puzzle pieces and got a key to a secret sign up thing too?! Although I'm still waiting for that email, ha. They do events all over the UK it seems so I'd definitely recommend it for a different night out.


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