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August 16, 2014


On Thursday I went along to 'Marketing for Designers' event, organised by Today/Tomorrow in Camden. I was umming and ahhing whether to go as it was raining and miserable... (SO lazy) but in the end I did. The space is really cool and after getting in and attaching our stickers - me, 'Illustrator' - we had a talk from graphic designer Yoni Alter about his work, followed by panel Q&A with him and an art director and interior designer. 

Although not all directly relevant to me, some of the advice was great and it was nice to hear that established artists and designers still don't really have much of a marketing plan and are winging it like the rest of us! 

I got chatting to someone there and we're hopefully going to attend a few more talks together soon :) It's made me realise that I need to go to a lot more events like this and get out there meeting more artists. 

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