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July 9, 2014


Afternoon doggie walk

Not blogged in a little while so thought I'd update on my thrilling life...

I currently have a rather large illustration job on, which has unfortunately been going back and forth in terms of style but hoping to have everything sorted soon (and get my wage!) god knows I need to pay rent and all.

I also lost out on a magazine illustration job which I would have rather liked... I was quite miffed for a few days but kind of over it now. It seems a lot like that with freelancing; one minute you have more work on than you can keep up with and have invoices lined up, the next you can't please anyone and are being repeatedly told 'you're not quite right for this job'... hey ho.

I'm taking some of my London prints into a gift/print shop tomorrow to (hopefully) sell, as well as working on a lovely book cover and creating Twin Peaks inspired illustrations to sell at the Twin Peaks festival later this year. 

Also my hard drive packed up so I've had to spend an obscene amount of money to get the data recovered.... BACK UP TWICE - yes, I know. 

Aaand finally good news, I'm off to Lovebox next weekend! It's also about two minutes from my flat which is amazing. 

I've also been watching a lot of films as I'm home so much and never go out (woe is me); pretty much working my way through Netflix to be honest. I seem to have an obsession with cheesy rom coms and dramas at the moment and am very embarrassed when they start stacking up on our 'recently watched' list... Don't judge me.

Literally just scrolling through... I think these are from the last two months or so.

The Frozen Ground - NOT a rom com (ha) but pretty good 'based on actual events' crime drama/thriller.
Burlesque - I've actually watched this twice.... yeah. So cheesy but so good. Cher + Xtina, need I say more?
Coyote Ugly - An old fave from my yooot. 
Save the Date - Pretty cool indie movie with Lizzie Caplan as the lead girl. Also she's an illustrator in this :D
50/50 - Been meaning to watch this for a while... JGL very good, as is Anna Kendrick.
Safe Haven - Didn't realise this was a book by that mega rom com author.. was ok, nothin' spesh!
Like Crazy - A transatlantic romantic drama - I did enjoy this one although found the ending a bit confusing.
Fish Tank - Extremely good 'gritty' British drama. Watch out for an early career Michael Fassbender.
Donnie Darko - Another old fave - gave this a re-watch as it was the 'Director's Cut'. Best left as it was!!
Vanilla Sky - One of those I've been meaning to watch for aaaages. Not what I was expecting but good...
Adventureland - Another re-watch for me - really like this little theme park tale :)
The Firm - Not sure why I picked this, was bored of 'Net flicking' I think! An old 90's classic. Very long.
Equilibrium - Only ever watched a bit of this so wanted to check it out again - super good sci-fi drama.
Celeste & Jesse Forever - Cool rom com about a divorced couple who are still mates - nice watch.
Stuck in Love - Totally random choice and loved it. Partly to do with Mr. Logan Lerman being so pretty...
High Fidelity - Been pestered by the bf and bestie to watch this for months... 90's 'guy' film and very funny.
Hummingbird - Me and bf put this on for some reason one night - not the worst Statham film ever... 
The Birdcage - Ahhh, a classic. Armand's (Robin Williams) style is to die for. 
Angels & Demons - The second Dan Brown film... watchable if totally far fetched/inaccurate/cheesy.
Run for your wife - Don't ask. Really.
Stand by me - Amazing childhood adventure film, yet another re-watch for me. 
Midnight Cowboy - Not what I would usually go for, but amazing. Dustin Hoffman - 10/10.

So yeah, if any of that random lot tickles your fancy then I'm sure you'll find them on Netflix... I have so many films on my 'need to watch' list (which 99% of these were actually not on!) So I'll do another round-up once I've sat on my arse and watched another bunch!

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