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January 30, 2014


I'm away from home for a little bit at the moment, working on some commissions I have on. Last week was the first Antiques's fair of 2014 which was great to work at; I love working there and it's amazing how the show comes together from only a few days setting up.

I can't post any work up at the moment as it's all still ongoing.. but I have so many personal projects I want to work on, as well as a new collection for my clothing label. Not enough hours in the day... But now that I'm back after the fair I'll have plenty of time to work on everything.

I'll leave you with another continuation of my Polyvore obsession! I guess I'm trying to make them wearable and not exactly what the characters wore. I'm trying to do all my favourite female film/TV characters, I have a couple more but if anyone has suggestions for who they'd like to see next, just leave me a comment!

Oh and a quick thank you to all my new Bloglovin' followers! I'm now at forty-two which is amazing.... I do hope you'll stick around for my waffle.

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