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July 28, 2012


As expected, I've had no responses to my illustration mailout so far... sad face.

But I'm working on some short PDF portfolio 'tear sheets', which I'm going to send out to the same people (possibly annoying them in the process) and some other contacts I've collated. 

In response to the, err,  lack of response - I've decided to try and be brilliantly sort of creative over the course of this weekend and challenge myself to make a magazine. The theme is just kind of me/my bedroom at the moment. It's mainly a challenge as I only have my current Illustrator and InDesign trials for two days! (I'm very poor and can't afford them, or even a Mac for them to run on...) My trusty three-year-old Windows laptop has done me well, but fails in this department.

So I'm hoping (kind of have to) get it finished by tomorrow. I'll probably publish it on Issuu and will put a link on here. It's more of a lesson in InDesign more than anything, as I didn't even know what it was used for about a month ago.

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