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June 19, 2012


Another late night...
I had an amazing weekend in London, seeing lots of friends and getting rather drunk on rum/champagne/cider. Oops. I didn't manage to get to any exhibitions which was a shame, but I had such a full weekend anyway... quite fancied going to see the Damien Hirst show; I'm not a huge fan of his, but it's a collection of all his work from the last twenty years and is apparently worth seeing.

I got a bit of illustration done on the train though, trying to draw people when they weren't looking or were asleep was rather fun! I absolutely love drawing people - it never seems very useful to me to be honest but it's a subject I seem to come back to again and again.


I also bought two amazing shirts in a vintage shop (can't remember the name) One is a really lovely navy and red pattern and the other is an embroidered hawaiian shirt - I just need to add metal collar tips!

As for this week, I'm just working on a poster for my Mom to put up in the bank she works in, and also maybe a tattoo design for a friend's birthday... I best hurry up.

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