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August 6, 2015


I've been out of London a lot over the past few weeks, going home to visit family and friends, helping in a friend's photography studio and heading back to Cambridge at the weekend to catch up with Uni friends which was beyond lovely. I do miss Cambridge and it's slow and paced way of life sometimes... Next weekend I'm meeting up with friends from my old cinema job for a weekend away in a cottage on the east coast, which I'm massively looking forward to.

Illustration work has been a bit slow over the past month or so, but I felt like I wanted to have a bit of time away and work on some new projects. I have an idea of a direction I want my work to go in; not that I want to change as such but just to experiment and push myself further. I'm working on a design for a friend's tshirt company this week and then I'll be releasing a couple of new print series over the next month or so. 

2015 really hasn't been my year at all really, from a long term relationship breakup to money worries, to family illness but I'm trying not to let it conquer me. It's also slightly terrifying that I'm only 3 years away from being in my thirties and I have so much I thought I should have achieved by then D: Although I'm try not to be too hard on myself as I've only been freelancing less than two years and I know these things take time. I don't have wrinkles yet at least.

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