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February 2, 2015


Can't believe I got a letter to say I needed to update my driving licence photo... so that's TEN years since I first got it, scary! To be honest I kind of look the same as back then, tired face and dark hair. Boo.

I've been doing bits and bobs today and have added some new goodies to my Etsy page if you fancy a gander...

I'm feeling a bit lost this year so far. February has snuck up so quickly and I feel like I've done nothing. I had mega plans for illustration / getting fit (ha) / etc etc for 2015 but unfortunately I found myself suddenly single at the start of January (I won't go into details, but yeah. It sucks) so everything has just been tipped upside down and have been a bit lost.

Although I'm making more effort to see friends and keep busy. Of course there's been much wallowing and trash TV but I'm starting to feel ok about it. I went out this weekend in Peckham with some girlies and had a really good night... plus a banging hangover on Sunday to top it off D: D: But it was great to drink and dance and forget about stuff. I'm visiting a lovely friend up in Kings Lynn this weekend coming too which am really looking forward to.. plus tomorrow I'm going to an open day for an MA level Art School I'm planning on applying to!

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