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May 9, 2014


It took a while for me to recover from my birthday... all is now well.

Tomorrow I'm exhibiting two illustration prints at the SKIN show run by YGT Collective (which I am super happy to be part of). I've been there all day today setting up, making bunting and eating pizza :) There's some amazing work in there and it's open from 10am-10pm tomorrow (with free drinks and DJ's from 6pm) so well worth heading down for. I'll be hanging out there from the afternoon and will hopefully be bringing a few small prints to give away!

Here are Katie and Emily hard at work kindly hanging my prints, and the window doodles we did for the show!

I'm also hoping to squeeze in a visit to the White Pepper sample sale in Hackney before I get to the show. I have no money yet the two words 'sample sale' are just too bloody tempting...

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